Bow Trailer Adapter - Precision 23

Bow trailer adapter

We bought our P-23 so we could take it to bigger water (we live in Kansas City). The first several times we trailered the boat, I noticed that the rope used to tie the bow down to the trailer was cutting into the rub rail. I was also concerned about the impact of the rope pulled directly over the fiberglass bow - too much pressure and banging. I believe that this bow line is essential to keep the boat steady while on long pulls. So I fashioned this wood device to run the ropes to the trailer without touching the rub rail. This wood also distributes the pressure of the rope across a broad area instead of at small contact points with the rope. It is fashioned out of an old piece of 2" X 12" board. Measured, cut and sanded - it works like a charm. The rope attaches to the cleats as shown and runs down to the trailer. The rope runs to the trailer are roughly 12" apart and can be lashed together at the center if you want to make the rope connection from the bow of the boat to the trailer especially tight.

For details, contact:
Brooks Albery
P-23 in Kansas City