Precision 23 - Outboard motor hoist

Information and Photos furnished by George Skupniewicz
Owner of Precision 23 "Bella Luna"

I made a simple engine hoist to help remove/install my outboard while the boat is on a trailer.

Precision 23 Outboard Motor Hoist
  1. .Cut a 2X6 sized to sit on top of the rear stanchion, angled so that one end extends directly above the motor.
  2. 3 U-bolts with wing nuts are used to hold the 2X6 to the station.
  3. A short piece of 2X2 is used for added strength down to seat.
  4. An eye bolt is added to hold a bock & tackle centered over the motor.
  5. .Added a motor caddy to strap the motor to the block & tackle. A simple rope harness would have sufficed.
  6. I can now raise and lower my 114 lb motor from my home-made motor dolly with ease.
  7. I also use the same block & tackle to help me lift the motor into the tilted position during my summer sailing days.

For details, contact:
George Skupniewicz
Precision 23 "Bella Luna"