Rear Trailer Jack Support

Information and Photos furnished by Kevin Pearce
Owner of Precision 18 #358 "GRAND MARNIER"

As you can see by the following photographs Kevin Pearce has developed a very neat way of preventing his sailboat trailer from tilting when uncoupled from a vehicle.

Kevin installed a Fulton Model TJ100F "Sport Utility Jack with Footplate" (1,000 pound capacity) behind the wheel and axle of his trailer. He purchased this jack from Wal-Mart. However, the jack is also available from West Marine for about $30.00 (PN 4567019), as well as other Marine Outlets.

Kevin states that the jack doesn't seem to be very corrosion resistant, so don't expect the jack to last too long in salt water unless you flush it with fresh water and keep it well lubed.

Jack installed and lowered.

Jack raised for travel.

Rear view of boat and trailer showing jack lowered.

For details, contact:
Kevin Pearce