ICW Trip on a P18

ICW Trip on a P-18

I recently single-handed my P18 from Pensacola Bay to Ft. Walton Beach, FL. on the ICW. I took 6 days for this round trip and only off the boat on land for a total of 4 hours. I anchored mostly in uninhabited areas off Santa Rosa Island. I experienced thunder and lightning storms and sailed at the mercy of heavy winds. Even under mainsail reef and a 75% storm jib we suffered a couple of knock-downs pulling one chainplate 'U' bolt almost through its threaded nut and bending the other one. One day experiencing 3ft. swells with moderate chop. It was quite an experience. I did have some decent sailing and great anchorages. Unfortunately I have no pictures under sail as I was somewhat busy most of the time staying upright. The boat did get a little small toward the end of my cruise but on the whole I had a memorable and enjoyable time. I still love my P18. Although small, we are intimate companions.

Contact: Gerry Vinson