Nav Station, Precision 23

P-23 nav station over view. P-23 nav station close up. The opening in the top is for a "pull out" stereo This way I could use the same good quality stereo in both the boat and car.
P-23 nav station, view of the open end showing "behind the scenes". Close up view behind the nav station showing one of two aluminum brackets that secure the panel to the bulk head. There are six short screws on each bracket. This arrangment is very secure.
P23 cover panel for where switch panel was originally located. I made a new wiring harness and extended it from the starboard side to the new nav station on the port side. The panel is just a piece of 1/4" lauan plywood with Precision head liner material glued to it. Velcro hold it in place over the opening for easy access should you have to get to the electrical connections behind it.

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Dave Chapman