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Is there a gas tank larger than 3 gallons that fits in the fuel tank area under the seat of a P-23?

It is made by Attwood. Six gallon portable gas tank, dimensions, 21" L x 11-1/2" W x 9-1/2" H. It is still available. Last year (2002) it was available at Wal-Mart for under $15. Attwood GasScan model 8872-4.

You will need a 90 degree fitting coming out of the can so the fuel tank compartment lid would close. You buy the tank and fittings separately, so you can get the right connection for your brand of outboard. Available from Tempo or usually a bronze street-ell from the local hardware store will work.

Attwood GasScan model 8872-4

Attwood GasScan model 8872-4

Detail showing bronze street-ell and Nisson fitting

Detail showing street-ell and Nisson fitting