recommended sailmaker for P23

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recommended sailmaker for P23

Postby mrlmd » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:08 pm

I recently purchased a 1989 P23 in great shape but have been thinking of refreshing the sails, especially the main.
Anyone have any recommendations of a good sailmaker for the P23 and comments of a loose footed vs. boltrope-boom attached sail?
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Re: recommended sailmaker for P23

Postby Bob » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:17 pm

I've had very good service from Doyle Sails in Detroit. Started with them when they were UK Sails, then became Doyle and now North. Al DeClerque and his wife Sara run it. When I started they had a really good salesman, Andy. He had a brother that lived east of Cleveland. With me being near Cleveland he would make a point in calling me when he was coming thru so he could pickup or drop off my sail. Saves shipping. He even came out the Friday after Thanksgiving one year and he crawled under the winter cover so he could take some measurements for a new genny. I think he died a few years ago. He was a real asset.

Now, North has a one or more sales agents in the area. They will collect the sails at arranged pickup points (like West Marine) and truck them back and forth to Detroit for service.

Talk to the people at your nearby sail lofts. See how they handle service. It makes a big difference.

I changed my P-27 from boltrope-boom to loose footed. It makes a big difference. Much better shape. Also easier to hang it on the boom.

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