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New (to us) P-23

Postby Sweet_P » Fri May 30, 2014 10:30 pm

Last week my family launched our P-23, Sweet P, for the first time. We sold our Catalina 22 a couple of years ago and are looking forward to being back on the water. Prior to launch we painted the bottom, replaced a broken pintle, tested/replaced the running lights and removed and replaced the hull stripes and Precision logo. The previous owner had taken excellent care of the boat so those were just routine maintenance items.

I forgot to take the rudder to the launch site and it was late enough that we launched without it knowing that the outboard would suffice for the short trip to a friends dock. We had to unstep the mast for transport when we bought the boat so we knew how heavy it was. I'm sure the weight is compounded by the roller furling head sail, but it is MUCH more heavy that the old Catalina 22's was. We had three guys on the cabin top and two on the ground with a line secured to the top of the mast to step it prior to launch. We plan to follow the previous owner's successful pattern of keeping the boat in a marina (fresh water) for three years at a time.

We used all the features of the boat except the anchor on our first couple of trips out which were primarily to familiarize ourselves with the boat. Now we can settle in to a fun summer on the water. We will post pictures soon.

Fair Winds,

Sweet P
Sidney Rabon
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