Set-up for second reef

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Set-up for second reef

Postby P23347 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:53 pm

I had a second reef point put on my mainsail. I am going to order some hardware from Dwyer, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about setting it up on the boom (same side as first reef or not, etc.).
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Re: Set-up for second reef

Postby allanj42 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:53 pm

Hi Mark,

I just joined the forum so I couldn't respond to your post earlier.
I imagine you've gone ahead and installed the 2nd reef hardware by now.
But if not, or for anyone else considering doing this, here is my experience.

I added a 2nd reef point to what I believe is the original main sail of our 1995 P23.
I positioned a 2nd cheek block ahead of the 1st reef's, and a 2nd horn cleat aft of the 1st reef's, both on the same stbd side of the boom. That way one can tie in or release either reef on the same tack.

Another piece of hardware that I'd recommend is a mast slot gate.
When using the 2nd reef you will want to get the sail slugs out of the way so you can hook the grommet on the ram's horn. While you're reefing is not when you want to be removing a sail slug stopper. Can you say ker-plop :o . The mast slot gate allows you to either open the gate and remove a few slugs safely and easily, or simple let the slugs pass by the gate so that they stack directly above the boom. I like the 2nd option so there's no risk of loosing more slugs than you intend. I find that I need a small loop of line (2 or 3") tied through the forward grommet in order to hook on the ram's horn without removing any sail slugs.

Hope this is helpful to you or others,

Jeff Allan, 1995 P23, Alberta, Canada
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