WANTED: Advice, Or Phone Number Of A Midget...

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WANTED: Advice, Or Phone Number Of A Midget...

Postby earlmerkel » Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:58 pm

These P-23's are built like iron! Durable, solid...and yet, nimble in a decent wind.

Alas, tho-- after years of flexing, the outflow hose from the cockpit bilge pump split away from its hull connection. Time to unscrew the clamp, reconnect the hose, and have a rum punch under the Sunbrella cockpit awning...

Whoops. Not so simple after all...

There's the hull connection; I can see it, darn it.

But I can't reach it. Even with my hideously long arms.

Not via the quarter berth—who designed-in this box, which up on the shiny side is the cockpit gas tank?

Not via the cockpit seat-hatch—I can contort my frame (painfully) to slip into the space below (hey! first time I've seen my battery bank from a rightside-up vantage, since my usual maintenance of 'em occurs during a handstand leaning-in over the hatch). But even in a twisted knee-squat, getting to the hull connection from this side is also a forlorn fantasy...

Ah! Maybe the screw-out access hatch in the cockpit...nope: elbows and wrists only bend one way...

Having now wiggled back topside, I sit in the cockpit. Cursing. With a straight-up double of Scotch instead of the rum.

I'm stumped. Any suggestions, Fellow Forum Folks?

Aside from dragooning some passing Munchkin (rare in these non-Oz parts; worse, those Lollypop Guild labor rates are reportedly murder), I'm presently out of ideas.

How do YOU guys do this infuriatingly simple-seeming task?

—Earl Merkel
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