Boat Position on Trailer

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Boat Position on Trailer

Postby dheinric » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:04 am

My trailer seems to be a little light, from a tongue weight standpoint. The tongue is near level, and it still bounces around quite a bit while traveling. I was told that the boat can be moved up (toward the tow vehicle) by about 6"-8". The only issue with that is that in the current position, the centerboard sits right above the back roller on the trailer. If I move the trailer up, then the centerboard will not be over anything, so if the hoist line were break or loosen up during travel, the centerboard could drop to the axle/road. The trailer came from the factory in the current position.

Looking for ideas/tips as to if the back roller could be flipped on the mounting channel, to the front side of the channel? This would allow me to move the boat position forward a bit, hoping to create a little more tongue weight to stop the hitch from rattling.

Any information would be very helpful.
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