Trailer Modifications, Precision 23 Detailed
Trailer Modifications, Precision 23 Detailed

Several items have been added to Pflotsam's trailer to simplify trailering. This photo shows the storage box, engine mount and "torpedo tube" (PVC pipe to the right of the engine). All of these items are shown in more detail in other pictures.

The trailer box holds virtually everything needed for trailering including the hitch ball mount, weight distributing spring bars, padding, tie downs, wheel chocks, grease gun, etc. The box is a Rubbermade "Action Packer 45" that sits on two 2x6 boards for support and is U-bolted to the trailer frame using 3 "square" U-bolts with large washers between the box and nuts. The bolt holes are caulked and the box never leaks more than a drop or two during routine launching and hauling. The top of the box is not water tight, however, and it will leak if submerged. Fortunately, it has never (not yet) been necessary to back the trailer in to the point where this would be a problem.

The torpedo tube is where the mast raising pole lives when not being used (i.e. most of the time).

All of these additions were made by "U" bolting around trailer frame members so the galvanized coating of the trailer remains intact.

For details, contact:
Bill Pfund
P-23 #099, "Pflotsam"
Portage, MI