Tilt vs. Extendable Tongue Trailer

This is how the voting stacks up:
Extendable Tongue P-18 Shallow ramps
Tilt P-18
Extendable Tongue P-18 extension would help keep my jeep exhaust and tires out of water
Extendable Tongue P-18
Extendable Tongue P-18 I have more difficulty retrieving than launching, and I would like to be able to get my trailer into deeper water so I wouldn't have to put so much force on the winch.
Extendable Tongue P-18 For me, the tilt is useless and the extendable tongue would be very handy. I'd buy a new trailer to get it.
Extendable Tongue P-18 I've got the tilt but never use it.
Extendable Tongue P-21 An extendable tongue would allow me to keep parts of my towing vehicle from being submerged, but in the ramps that I use I really don't feel the need of either.
Extendable Tongue P-21 An extendable would facilitate launching and recovery. I seldom use the tilt feature and would not miss it.
Extendable Tongue P-21 Used extension on previous boat trailer several times. Have never used tilt. Actually kind of scared of it.
Extendable Tongue P-21 Then my vehicle would not have to get a salt water bath every time I launch, and, until reading these threads, I never even realized that my trailer had a tilt feature
Extendable Tongue P-21 I have never had occasion to use the tilt feature, I made an extension that clamps to the trailer tongue that works, but is heavy and takes time to set up.
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23 At the ramps I have been at, only the extendable tongue would have been a help.
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23 To keep as much of the tow vehicle and tires out of the water as possible.
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23 Much easier to work with
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23 I can't imagine a ramp that would be graded in such a manner to able to take advantage of a tilted bed and still be able to pull the trailer and boat out of the water unless I was driving a tank or heavy construction loader. In these low water years I would definately be looking at expensive put-in/haul-out fees locally and in my trips to other lakes without the tounge extension.
Extendable Tongue P-23
Extendable Tongue P-23 Actually I don't need either at my site, but I can't imagine a P 23 using a tilt trailer.
Extendable Tongue P-23 I currently have a P-23, but owned a P-18. I have never had reason to use the tilt option, but have used my extendable trailer many times. Would love a longer extension for my P-23.
Extendable Tongue P-27

Extendable Tongue 25
Tilt 1