Fuel Guage for P-27/28

In an earlier letter on the precision list we saw a comment about the fuel tank having a fuel gauge sender in it. Precision, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to install a fuel gauge.

Fuel sender on P-27/28

Well, we investigated this on our boat and indeed found that the tank, made by Kracor does have a gauge sender - 341-70, F98/553. Email to Kracor obtained the information that this was a standard sender and should work with any gauge which will read a resistance of 30-240 ohms.

Subsequently we hooked up a Teleflex gauge from Boat/US and it works! The first picture shows the sender on top of the tank. The second picture shows the fuel gauge which we have located at the front of the side outside locker.

We ran a 16 gauge wire from the accessories switch on the control panel to the ignition connection on the gauge. Then ran a wire from the sender connection on the gauge to the center connection on the sender. Then ran a wire from the side (plate) connection on the sender back to ground on the control panel. We also put a switch in between the control panel and the gauge in case we later add other items to the accessory switch. This way we can turn on and off the fuel gauge separately.

We located the gauge in the locker so that we can view the gauge during fueling. This way we do not overfill the tank and pollute the water with diesel coming out the overflow. (Standard procedure when filling tanks without a fuel gauge)

  Fuel guage mounted in locker

For details, contact:
Laury Watkins