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In order to get better exposure for your ad and to give you the option of including a photo of your boat with your ad or to have a custom ad, the Precision For Sale listings have been combined with the listings on actually grew out of the success of the Precision listings. I've added a better interface for submitting ads which allows you to modify our own ad and periodically renew your ad. In addition, you can optionally upload a photo of your boat at a nominal one-time charge.

In order that your Precision ad shows up on both the and For Sale listing it is imperative that you enter the model as Precision, (i.e. Precision 185, or Precision 23), NOT as a P-185 or P-23. When the Model name starts with Precision, it will show up on and If you use the P- designation, it will only appear on

You will need to create an account on This will allow you to login at a later time to update your ad. The account information you fill out will be kept confidential. You will be immediately emailed a password to login. This also checks that you entered your correct email address.

After receiving your password, login to your account and enter your ad. The email address for the ad does not have to match your personal email address for your account. The email address displayed in the ad can be a "throw-away" address although this is not really necessary. Any address displayed is protected with JavaScript so that spam harvesting robots will not see your address.

To continue, click here to open a separate window with Then select "List a Boat" and follow the instructions.