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Photos by Peter Resch, P-21
Sailing on Leech Lake, MN Wife, Diane, on Whitefish Lake, MN Full sail at night on Whitefish

Photos by Mike Bragg, P-23
P-23 in her slip at the Oconee Sailing and Yacht Club on Lake Sinclair, Georgia

Photos by Bob Abbott, P-27
NanSea, P-27, docked at Edgewater Yacht Club, Cleveland, OH. Wife, Nancy at the wheel, on Lake Erie, just west of Cleveland.
Nancy Abbott, Medina Clerk of Court

Photos by Mark Miller, P-18 & P-23
Two P-18's "rafted" together
on Skaneateles Lake,
near Syracuse, NY
Lindsay on the fore-deck, relaxing on our old P-18. August '96, Owasco Lake, NY Bringing home the new baby, our 1993 P-23. October '97

Photos by John Clement, P-23
Taranui moored at Gilford, Ontario. Custom bimini details.

Photos by Terry Crissman
Larry Crissman on his P-23.

Photos by Steve Goggi
The Sailboat Shop
Jeff Ullman's P-28 on launch day in Lake George, NY

Photo by Lee Copp
Lee Copp and his P-165 #52  

Photo by Bob Mendes
Bob Mendes and his P-18 "Flood Tide" in the marina at Lake Dillon, with the snow covered mountains in the background. Dillon is at an elevation of 9,000 feet, the highest boating lake in North America.

Photo by Alex Newberry, Sarasota, FL

Precision 23 "Daily Reprieve" out for a sail on Sarasota Bay in front of the Sailing Squadron. We actually weren't on the boat at the time. The Ullman Sails rep took a client out for a test sail, givng us the chance to take some pictures of the boat.

Photo by Brian Jernigan
Rocinante (P-23 #449) in her slip at Sunrise Cove Marina, Lake Lanier, GA

Photo by Jeff Gegner
Brian Jernigan's 2001 P-23, #449, "Rocinante" taken on Santa Rosa Sound in FL during the "BEER Cruise" in May.

Photos by Bob Mendes
P-21, "Flood Tide," at her mooring on Aurora reservoir east of Denver, CO. Interior view looking forward. Flood Tide under sail off the Aurora dam.  

Photos by Dillon Waltner
Dillon & Erica Waltner, new owners of Precision 21 #285, "Mystere,"
on commissioning day.
South Shore Marina in Hewitt, NJ, located on Greenwood Lake
which straddles the NJ/NY border.
Photo by Gerry Vinson
ICW Trip on a P18  

Photos by Dave Chapman
Dave Chapman's "fleet."
This shows my P-23 and P-27 side by side.
I used to think the P-23 was a fairly large boat
until I bought the 27.
Joe Burns single handing his 23
in some great wind.

Photos by Russ McBean
P-23 #231, "Kittywake" in last Sundays race on Pelican Lake, 5/20/02, (we won.) As you can see from the trees in the background, spring is late this year.

Photo by Jim Mittenthal

P-21 "Dutch Boy" #242 sleeping in Mamaroneck Harbor on Long Island Sound.

Photo by Joe Waltenbaugh

Norm Pookman's P-23 "Jibe Ho" #357 sailing on Lake Arthur, PA.

Photo by John Stevens

John Stevens' Precision 18 "Gratuity"

Photos by Richard Spratt

These photos were taken on Chautauqua lake, Jamestown, N.Y. In the 1st photo, forward to aft are me, Gary Kresser, my daughter Katie Kresser and my son-in-law Scott Rauch. 2nd photo includes my daughter Alision Rauch.

Photos by Gerry Vinson

"A windy day with my P-18 on Ft. Gibson Lake, Wagoner, Ok."
All three of these shots were taken on the same day. Even with a 75% storm jib I should have been reefed. In the second picture I was knocked down and rounded up shortly after it was taken.

Photo by Bruce Hilmes

My 1996 P-23 underway with my family onboard on Lavca Bay in Texas. Having the shallow shoal keel sure helps in theses Texas coastal waters.

Photos by Tim Canary

Tim Canary's 2002 P-21,#290, "About Time" taken while anchored off Big Goose Island at New Jersey's Spruce Run Reservoir.

Photo by Dean T. Brown

We are just North of Charlottesville, VA on Greene Mountain Lake. The perfect place to have a P18.

P-2,  Lake Wateree Sail Club Sam and Matt Broughton preparing Windancer (P-21 #287) for an evening sail June 21, 2008 at the Lake Wateree Sailing Club in South Carolina.

Photos by Rudy Oglesby

Sam and Matt Broughton preparing Windancer (P-21 #287) for an evening sail June 21, 2008 at the Lake Wateree Sailing Club in South Carolina.

Sam, Matt, and Jean underway on a gorgeous light air day for a late evening sail on June 21, 2008.